Digicom 8E4095 User Manual

Networking, Dual speed switch 8g

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8 ports RJ-45 10BaseT/100BaseTX

1 port RJ-451Gigabit on copper

Any port can automatically turn from MDI-

X to MDI (Cross)

Full-duplex switch for the connection of

10Mbit/s-100Mbit/s groups

Store and Forward technology

Separate repeater modules for Ethernet

and Fast Ethernet

CSMA/CD access

Fullspeed Filtering and Forwarding rate

4096 addresses memory

2Mbyte Buffer memory

Complies with following specifications:

IEEE 802.3 10BaseT, IEEE802.3u,

100BaseTX and IEEE802.3ab 1000BaseT

Led Indicators:



10/100/1000 Mbps


Mechanical Features:

Metal chassis

Desktop version

Power supply 110-220 VAC

Custom private MIB support

Consumption 10 Watt

Size and Weight:

Size 251x37x118mm; Weight 1 Kg

Operating Features:

Working temperature: from 5 to 50



Humidity: between 10% and 90% non-


CE Mark, FCC A

Dual Speed Switch 8G 05.03.2003

The Networking solutions for fast and performing LANs.


8 ports 10/100 + 1 Gigabit, the most compact

switch for the maximum performances on the

cabling Cat. 5. Ideal as root switch to connect to

the server with copper Gigabit technology.

Have you a high performances server and you want

the maximum band available?

Have you a Cat. 5 cabling and you want to overcome

the 100Mbit/s limit?

You will have all this using a Dual Speed Switch 8G.

Any of the 8 ports supports the speeds of 10 or 100

Mbit/s in Autosensing mode.

One port at 1 Gigabit RJ45 on copper is available for

the direct connection to the server or as uplink to the

LAN operating at 1 Gigabit.

Speed and operating mode are automatically detected

and selected.

Any port can turn into a cross (MDI) port and is able to

automatically correct the polarity.

Just Plug & Play! No additional setting is required.

You want to control the LAN status? Just look at the

led indicators placed on the front panel and you will

know about speed, activity and status of each port.

Dual Speed Switch 8G

Code: 8E4095