Digicom 8E4126 User Manual

Networking, Giga switch 8

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8 ports RJ-45 10/1000 Gbps over copper

Automatic MDI/MDI-X mode on each port

10/100/1000 Mbps in Autosensing

1 serial console port DB9 DTE for local


Full/Half-duplex support for ports

operating at 10/100 Mbps

Full-duplex support for 1000 Mbps

Store & Forward technology

Back pressure flow control complying

IEEE 802.3x

Packet filtering and forwarding 1.48

Gpps at 1000 Mbit/s

16000 address memory

1,5Mbyte buffer memory

LED indicators


1000 Mbit/s

100 Mbit/s

10 Mbit/s

Mechanical Features

Metal chassis

Desktop version

19” rack mounting kit included

Built-in Power Supply 100-240 Vac

Consumption: 50 Watt

Size and Weight

440 x 200 x 45 mm

3 Kg

Working Features

Operating temperature: from 0 to 40



Humidity: between 10% and 90% non-



CE Mark

Giga Switch 8 5.03.2003

The Networking solutions for fast and performing LANs.


Use the existing cabling to increase the

performances of your LAN up to 1 Gigabps over


Giga Switch 8 is a root switch to carry out backbones

at the maximum speed available on the UTP cabling

(Category 5E or higher).

Giga Switch 8 is the ideal solution to create

departmental areas requiring special performances,

as groups of CAD/CAM stations, Desktop Publishing

graphics, 3D modelling or high capacity servers,

where the data transfer and exchange speed is very


Giga Switch 8 can manage 1.48 Gpps (pps=packet

per second) for the maximum performances of your


Any of the 8 ports is able to automatically adjust to the

cable/ethernet device (straight or cross) without

placing cross cables, in this way you can connect any

devices: Ethernet card or Router.

The Up-link port to other hubs or switches is not more

present; you can simply use the port you prefer.

The Led indicators on the front panel inform you on

the speed and status of each port.

Giga Switch 8

Code: 8E4126