Digicom Hub 8-10 User Manual

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8 ports RJ-45 10BaseT (MDI-X)

1 port BNC 10B2

1 Uplink port via switch (MDI)

Polarity auto detection and correction

with auto exclusion in case of fault

Auto partitioning function

Led indicators for the status of each


Size (mm) and Weight: 150 x 105 x 32,


Operating temperature: 0-50



Humidity: <95% non condensing

CE Mark

Hub 8-10 10.01.2002

The Networking solutions for fast and performing LANs.


The hub for any need!

Using Hub 8-10 it is possible to carry out small LANs

and concentrate up to 8 PCs at home or office.

Thanks to its small and compact size, Hub 8-10 can

be installed anywhere, on your desktop or can be wall

mounted, using the proper holes on the bottom of the


With Hub 8-10, your LAN can be easily extended in a

fast and cheap way.

Furthermore you can connect Hub 8-10 to other hubs

or switches through the Uplink port, that can be

enabled by a microswitch in the last port, without

using cross cables.

Hub 8-10 has an additional 10B2 coaxial port to

connect to the business LANs, carried out with this

kind of cabling. A good reason to choose Hub 8-10!

Hub 8-10

Code: 8E4403

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