Display Devices SE-B Series Projector Sound Enclosure User Manual

Display Devices Projectors

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Sound Enclosure Lower Cavity Reversal



In the following procedure, certain steps require two people.

Required tools:

7/16” box or socket wrench

11/32” nut driver or socket wrench





1. Place a packing blanket or cardboard on the floor to prevent scratching the

exterior of the enclosure.

2. Tilt the enclosure over on its flat side. The intake and exhaust ports should not

be on the floor.

3. Reaching in through the projection port, attach and lock a needle nose vice grips

to the (2) spring ends. Remove the 7/16” nut and washer. Carefully lift the

spring hook off the bolt and let it slowly retract. Leave the vice grips on the

spring end to prevent it from retracting into the spring housing. Do this for both

left and right springs.