Display Devices Motorized Rotating Ceiling Mounts User Manual

Mrcm installation instructions

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MRCM Installation Instructions

Motorized Rotating Ceiling Mount

Positional Feedback Model 8/7/07

Ensure the ceiling structure is capable of holding at least four times the combined weight of
the mount and projector. This is a minimum requirement. Follow any local or state codes that
apply to your specific area.


Mount chassis to structural attachment points (i.e., Unistrut


, threaded rod). Use

hardware no smaller than ½” (M12). Be sure to use flat and locking washers. We
recommend the following hardware order.


Thread lock ring onto each end of the pipe then thread the pipe into the coupling in
the unit. Tighten by hand, and then tighten the lock ring using a flat head
screwdriver and hammer. Thread the projector mount onto the pipe – tighten lock
ring by hand only.


Be sure the pipe is level – adjust the mounting hardware as required.


Attach handheld remote control cable (5 pin Phoenix style) to the connector in the
junction box. If a control system is used (AMX, Crestron, etc.), the remote can be
disconnected and replaced with control system at the end of installation. Clockwise
= black, Pin1; Counterclockwise = red, Pin 2; Stop = green, Pin 3; and Ground (+5v)
= white, Pin 4.


Be sure the electrical circuit is not live. Remove the electrical junction box cover and
knockout slug where desired. Connect the AC power leads: Ground = green, Neutral
= white, Hot = black using the enclosed wire nuts. Replace cover plate and restore
power to the circuit.

Note: the MRCM can be “roughed” in without the projector in place if desired. The
MRCM does not have any hard stop points – do not let it rotate continuously.