Ps cabinet operation connections, Ps cabinet operation dialing in your sound – Epifani PS Amplifiers and Cabinets User Manual

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PS Cabinet Operation


1. Connect the speaker cabinet using either of the Speakon combo connectors on
the rear panel. Make sure that you are using a high-quality "unshielded" speaker
cable. NEVER connect plus or minus to ground. If using a Speakon to 1⁄4” connec-
tion, be sure the amplifier is OFF while plugging-in or unplugging a connection.
2. The two Input/Output connectors are wired in parallel, so you may plug into
either connector. Additionally, you may ‘daisy chain’ either connector to a second
speaker cabient using Speakon or 1/4” jacks. Take note of the rated impedance of
each cabinet and be sure to stay within your amplifier’s rated specifications.

PS Cabinet Operation

Dialing in your Sound

1. After connecting the speaker cabinets, set the MASTER volume control on your
amplifier to the zero position and turn your amplifier on. This will prevent damage to
your speakers in the event of a product failure or faulty input signal.
2. Turn the volume controls on your instrument to their full or loudest positions.
3. Set your amplifier EQ controls (bass, mid, and treble) to zero (twelve o’clock
position) and begin turning up the volume on your amplifier to your desired levels.
4. When adjusting the EQ controls on your amplifier, the sound of your instrument
can be shaped in subtle or dynamic ways. On a high-quality amplifier like an Epifani,
a little EQ goes a long way. In fact, many sound engineers start with the EQ in the
flat position and CUT frequencies to achieve the desired sound. They then add gain
to make up the loss of volume due to the reduction in EQ. Cutting back is typically
preferred to boosting. If you are dramatically boosting all of your EQ settings, you
might want to call your Epifani Dealer or us directly to discuss your setup.