Ps amplifier tips & troubleshooting – Epifani PS Amplifiers and Cabinets User Manual

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PS Amplifier

Tips & Troubleshooting

Getting a proper gain adjustment is crucial to getting the most from your PS 
Amplifier. First, adjust the preamp controls – Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble, Mid Cut –
to the flat, or ‘noon’ setting. Play your instrument aggressively and raise the Gain
until the green Peak LED glows red. Now, turn the Gain back a little until you see
just an occasional red flicker when you are playing your most dynamically. This
will give you the right input level. Remember that if you boost some of the EQ fre-
quencies – Bass, Mid, Treble – on your bass or on your amp, you may have to
readjust the Gain to get the proper level once again.

To keep your signal clean with an active bass instrument, boost your frequency
from one side only. For example, if you raise the bass on your instrument, leave
the bass on your amp ‘flat’, or vice versa. An active bass already has a preamp
inside. That means you are going from the preamp in your bass to another pre-
amp in your amplifier head. By boosting the bass in both preamps, you’ll cause
distortion from overloading the signal.

If you want to hear more bass, deduct some of the mid frequency via the Mid Cut
on an Epifani amp and set the Mid Cut level to your liking, In this way, you can
even raise the volume without distortion and without straining your speakers from

Bass sound changes a great deal from one room to another. If your speaker
cabinet is in the corner of a room, you will get a bass boost. If your speaker is
situated away from walls and corners, then less bass will be apparent.

Doubling amplifier power will not double the perceived loudness of a system.
A 200-watt amp does not sound twice as loud as a 100 watt amp). If you need
more volume, start by adding more cabinets.

Bass frequencies are hard to amplify and are demanding on loudspeakers. To
compete with a 100-watt guitar stack, you should use a PS head with two PS

Your Epifani products are built to exacting standards for years of trouble-free
service. If you encounter distorted sound or no sound at all, please re-read the
sections on “Connections”, “Powering Up” and “Dialing in Your Sound” on the
previous pages. If still in doubt, call us at Epifani and we’ll be glad to assist.