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PS Amp Controls & Features

Front Panel

Note:  All front panel controls and features are the same for the PS 1000 and the
PS 400.
1. 1/4” Phono Plug input – Connect your instrument’s cable jack here.
2. Passive/Active Selector – Designed to match the preamplifier to your
instrument. Generally, if your instrument uses any type of battery, it is active and
it will work best if you select the Active position on the PS amplifier.
3. Peak LED – Glows green and flashes periodically red to indicate when the
preamp is properly adjusted or glows steadily red to indicate that the preamp is
overdriven and clipping. If this occurs, turn the gain control down (see below).
4. Pre Amp Gain Knob – Adjusts the input signal to the appropriate level.
5. Bass Control – Adjusts the amount of low frequency.
6. Midrange Control – Adjusts the amount of midrange frequency.
7. Treble Control – Adjusts the amount of high frequency.
8. Treble Shift Selector – This feature “shifts” the Q point from 3KHz to 6KHz.
9. Mid Cut Selector – Engages the “Mid Cut” circuit.
10. Mid Cut Control LED – Glows red when Mid Cut control is engaged.
11. Mid Cut Control – Determines the amount of mids to be cut.
12. Mute – Mutes the entire amplifier.
13. Mute LED – Glows red when the Mute is engaged.
14. Master – Master volume.
15. Power – Turns the unit on or off.
16. Power LED – Glows green when the Power is on.

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