Welcome – Epifani PS Amplifiers and Cabinets User Manual

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Thank you and congratulations on your purchase of Epifani Performance Series
products. Welcome to our family!

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Epifani designs innovative products that inspire
musicians of all skills and styles to challenge their creative boundaries. Our
old-world craftsmanship and innovative design has changed the world of bass
amplifiers and cabinets by combining highly accurate sound, thundering low-end
response and lowered weight. Engineered for the rigors of the road, the demands
of the modern recording studio, and long, comfortable hours of playing, your
Epifani is designed to become a direct extension of your creativity and a fine
musical instrument that will provide many years of enjoyment and musical
performance. That’s why Epifani is the choice of the finest bass players in
music today.

Please follow these simple guidelines for the usage and care of Epifani amplifiers
and cabinets. Should you ever need service, you can feel confident that we put
as much pride in supporting our products as we do in their design and build.

We are always interested in your thoughts about Epifani and about your music.
Contact us with comments and suggestions on how we can best serve your
needs at www.epifani.com.

We hope you enjoy your Epifani purchase and... love the way you sound!

Thanks again,
Nick Epifani