Viewing the controller display information – Go Power! GP-PWM-30 User Manual

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Solar Controller




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September 2012

Viewing the Controller
display information

To toggle between State of
Charge (SOC), Battery
Voltage and PV Charging
Current, press the B Button.

The battery state of charge is
shown as a percentage.

Icons Displayed: Battery,
Percent Symbol

Push the B Button to show
the battery voltage.

Icons Displayed: Battery,
Volt Symbol (V)

Push the B Button to show
the PV charging current. The

GP-PWM-30 will begin to limit the current as the battery reaches a full

Icons Displayed: Sun, Battery, Current Symbol (A)

Non-volatile memory:
Any settings made on the GP-PWM-30 will be
saved even when the power has been disconnected from the controller.