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© 2012 Carmanah Technologies Corporation

September 2012

9.0 Limited Warranty

1. Carmanah warrants the GP-PWM-30 for a period of five (5)

years from the date of shipment from its factory. This warranty is
valid against defects in materials and workmanship for the five
(5) year warranty period. It is not valid against defects resulting
from, but not limited to:

Misuse and/or abuse, neglect or accident

Exceeding the unit’s design limits

Improper installation, including, but not limited to, improper
environmental protection and improper hook-up

Acts of God, including lightning, floods, earthquakes, fire,
and high winds

Damage in handling, including damage encountered during

2. This warranty shall be considered void if the warranted product is

in any way opened or altered. The warranty will be void if any
eyelet, rivets, or other fasteners used to seal the unit are
removed or altered, or if

the unit’s serial number is in any way

removed, altered, replaced, defaced, or rendered illegible.

9.1 Repair and Return Information

Visit www.gpelectric.com

to read the “frequently asked questions” section of

our website to troubleshoot the problem. If trouble persists:

1. Call your

Go Power!™ Technical Support team (1-866-247-6527).

2. Return defective product to place of purchase