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Thank you for purchasing the B6 10 Pro Charger by ImaxRC.You get a rapid
charger/discharger with integrated balancing circuit,which is computerised with a high
performance microprocessor and specialised operating software.It can maintain your
battery at its best condition and also control them safely please read this operating
manual completely and attentively as it contains a wide variety of specific program-
ming and safety information.

You need to keep this manual in a safe place,and be sure to pass it on to the new
owner if you ever dispose of B6 10 Pro.

Special features

- Operating software
Every operating program in the unit is controlled with mutual links and communications
to prevent every possible error,so it introduces the maximum safety,such as input
voltage warning,reverse polarity protection and Lithium cell-count input error warning.

- High-power and high-performance circuit
B6 10 Pro employs the circuit that has maximum output power of 200Watts.As a result,it
can charge or discharge up to 18 cells of NICd/NiMH and 6 series of Lithium batteries
with maximum current of 10A.Furthermore,the cooling system is so efficient that can hold
such a power without any trouble of running the circuit or the operating program.

- Individual voltage balancer for Lithium batteries
B6 10 Pro has an individual cell voltage balancer inside.So it does not need any balancer
separately when charging Lithium batteries(Lilo/LiPo/LiFe)for voltage balancing.

- Balance individual cells on discharge
B6 10 Pro also can monitor and balance individual cells of the Lithium battery pack
during the discharge process.If the voltage of any one cell varies abnormally,the process
will be stopped with the error message.

- Accept various types of Lithium battery
B6 10 Pro can accept three types of Lithium batteries-Lilo,Lipo and LiFe. They have
different characteristics by their chemistry.You can select any one of them that you are
going to process before the job.For their specifications,refer'Warnings and safety

- Lithium battery'Fast'and'Storage'mode
You can charge Lithium battery for special purposes.'Fast'charge reduces the charging
time of Lithium battery and 'storage'mode controls the final voltage of the battery to be
suit for long time storage.

- Maximum safety
Delta-peak sensitivity:The automatic charge termination program works on the principle
of the Delta-peak voltage detection.


Auto-charge current limit:When charging NiCd or NiMH at 'AUTO'current mode,you can
set the upper limit of charge current to avoid from feeding high current to the

battery.This is very useful when charging the low impedance and small capacity NIMH
battery in 'AUTO'mode.
Capacity limit:The charging capacity always calculated by multiple of the charging
current and time.If the charging capacity exceeds the limit the process will be
terminated automatically when you set the maximum value.
Temperature limit(*):The temperature of the battery on charging will rese by its internal
chamical reaction.If you set the limit of temperature the process will be expired forcibly
when the limit has been reached.
Processing time limit:You can also restrain the maximum processing time to prevent
from any possible defect.
Input porwer monitor:To protect the car battery using as input power from being
damaged,its voltage always being monitored.If it drops below the lower limit the
process will be ended automatically.
Automatic cooling fan:The electric cooling fan comes into action automatically only
when the internal temperature of the unit is raised.

- Data store/load
For users convenience,it can store maximum 10 data of different batteries.You can
establish the data contains program setting of the battery to charge or
discharge.These data can be called back at any time you need and the process can be
executed without program setting.

- Cyclic charging/discharge
Perform 1 to 5 cycles of charge>discharge or discharge>charge continually for battery
refreshing and balancing.

- PC based analysis using USB communication(**)
For technical expert,B6 10 Pro offers PC based program can analysis the characteris-
tic of the battery by USB port.It shows a graph of voltage,current,capacity and
temperature curves.It also shows the individual voltage of each cell in the Lithium
battery pack.

*When using the thermal probe(Part no.EAC110)

**Separately purchased program kit(EAC200,CD plus USB link cable)



Exterior of the unit

Input power cable

USB port

sensor port

to select sub program
To alter the vallue

To select main
To stop the

To resume or start the

Individual cell
connector port

Charging lead connector
(4mm banana female)