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Initial parameter set up(Users set program)

Initial parameter set up(Users set program)



B6 10 Pro will be operated with the default value of the essential user settings when it
is connected to a 12V battery for the first time.The screen displays the following
information in sequence and the user can change the value of parameter on each
screen. When you are willing to alter the parament value in the program,press
Start/Enter key to make it blink then change the value with INC>or<DEC key.The
value will be stored by pressing Start/Enter key once.

Initial parameter set up(Users set program)



This informs you of its designation.

V.Type 3.3v

The screen displays the nominal voltage of Lithum battery.
There are three kinds of Lithium battery;
LiFe(3.3V),Lilo(3.6V) or LiPo(3.7V).This is very important so
you have to check the battery carefully and set it up
correctly.If it is different from correct value the battery can
explode during charge process.

B6 10 Pro recognise the cell count of Lithium battery
automatically at the beginning of charge or discharge
process to aviod form erroneous setting by use.But deeply
discharged battery can be perceived incorrectly.To prevent
the error,you can set the time term to verify the cell count
by the processor.Normally,10 minutes are enough to
perceive the cell count correctly.For the battery of larger
capacity,you may extend the time term.But if you set the
time term too long for the battery of smaller capacity,the
charge or discharge process can be finished within the time
term with the erroneous cell count.This may cause the fatal
result.If the processor recognizes the cell count incorrectly
at the beginning of charge or discharge process,you may
extend the time.Otherwise,you had better use with the
default value.

This shows the trigger voltage for automatic charge
termination of NiMH and NiCd battery.The effective value
ranges from 5 to 20mV per cell.If the trigger voltage is set
higher,there is a possiblity of premature termination. Please
refer the technical specifical specification of the
battery.(NiCd default:12mV/cell,NiMH default:7mV/cell)

An optional feature using temperature probe contacting the
surface of battery,the temperature cut-off can be on or off,If
it is on,set the maximum temperature at which the charger
should allow battery to reach during charge.Once a battery
reaches this temperature during operation,the process will
be terminated to protect the battery.


ON 80C

The battery is on the cyclic process of charge and discharge
can often become warm after charge or discharge period.The
program can insert a time delay to occur after each charge
and discharge process to allow the battery adequate time to
cool down before being subjected to the next process.The
value ranges from 1 to 60 minutes.

You can set the trickle charge mode on or off.If it is on, the
charger will automatically supply the trickle charge currnet to
acheive the full without overheating the battery after fast
charge has been terminated.

When you start a charge process,the integral safety timer
automatically starts running at the same time.This is
programmed to prevent overcharge the battery if it proves to
be faulty,or if the termination circuit cannot detect the
battery full.The value for the safety timer should be
gengrous enough to allow a full charge of the battery.

This program sets the maximum charge capacity that will be
supplied to the battery during charge.If the delta-peak
voltage is not detected nor the safety timer expired by any
reason,this feature will automatically stop the process at the
selected capacity value.

The beep sounds at every time pressing the buttons to
confirm your action.The beep or melody sounded at various
times during operation to alert different mode
changes.These audible sounds can be on or off.

This program monitors the voltage of input battery.If the
voltage drops below the value you set the operation forcibly
terminated to protect the input battery.

You can adjust the brightness of LCD screen at the charge.


Trickle 100mA



Input power low

Cut-off 10.0V