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Warnings and safety notes

Program flow chart



the battery you also have to pay attention on the process same as charging.To avoid
the battery becoming deep-discharged,set the final discharge voltage correctly.Lithium
batteries should not be deep-discharged,set the final discharge voltage,as this leads to
a rapid loss of capacity or a total failure.Generally,you do not need to discharge
Lithium battery voluntarily.
-Some rechargeable batteries are said to have a memory effect.If they are partly used
and recharged before the whole charge is drawn out,they'remember'this and next time
will only use that part of their capacity.This is a'memory effect'.NiCd and NiMH
batteries are said to suffer from memory effect.They perfer complete cycles;fully
charge then use until empty,do not recharge before storage-allow them to
self-discharge during storage.NiMH batteries have less memory effect than NiCd.
-The Lithium battery prefers a partial than a full discharge.Frequent full discharges
should be avoided if possible.Instead,charge the battery more often or use a larger
-The brand-new NiCd battery pack is partially useful with its capacity until it has been
subjected to 10 or more charge cycles in any case.The cyclic process of charge and
discharge will lead to optimise the capacity of battery pack.

*Those warnings and safety and safely notes are particularly important.Please
follow the instructions for a maximum safely;otherwise the charger and the
bettery can be damaged violently.And also it can cause a fire to injure a human
body or to lose the property.

Program flow chart