Imaxrc B610-PRO User Manual

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Lithium battery(Lilo/LiPo/LiFe)program



The charging current getting smaller as the process goes to the near end term of
Lithium battery charging.To finish charging process earlier,this program eliminate
certain term of CV process.Actualy,the charging current will goes to 1/5 from the initial
value to end the process while the normal charging goes to 1/10 during CV term.The
charging capacity may be a bit smaller than normal charging but the process time will
be reduced.

You can set up the charging current and the
voltage of the battery pack being charged.As you
press Start/Enter button the voltage confirmation
will be displayed.And then,If you confirm the
voltage and current,press Start/Enter button
again to start/Enter button again to start

This shows the present state of 'FAST'
charging.To stop charging arbitrary,press
Batt type/stop key once.

'FAST' charging Lithium battery

Lithium battery(Lilo/LiPo/LiFe)program

'STORAGE' control Lithium battery

This is for charging or discharging Lithium battery not to be used for the time
being.The program will determine to charge ro discharge the battery to the certain
voltage depending on the voltage of the battery at its initial stage.They are different
from the type of the battery,3.75V for Lilo,3.85V fro Lipo and 3.3V for LiFe per cell.If
the voltage of battery at its initial stage is over the voltage level to storage,the program
will start to discharge.

You can set up the current and the voltage of the
battery pack to be charged.The current will be
used for charge or discharge the battery to reach
the 'storage' level of voltage.

The screen shows the present situation during
charge process.To stop charging press
Batt type/Stop key once.

Discharging Lithium battery

The value of discharge current on the left side of
screen may not exceed 1C for a maximum safety
and the final voltage on the right should not be
under the voltage level that is recommended by
the battery manufacturer to avoid deep
To start to discharge press Start/Enter key for
more than 3 seconds.
(Discharge current:0.1-5.0A)

This shows the present state of discharge.To stop
discharging press Batt type/Stop key once.

*Voltage balancing and monitoring during the discharge

The processor monitors the volgage of individual cells during 'storage-mode' and
'discharge' of Lithium battery pack. It tries to normalise the voltages to be equal. For
this feature,the individual plug of the battery pack should be connected to the
individual port of the charger.
If the voltage of any one or more cells varies abonrmall during the procedure,B610A
terminates the process forcibly with the error message.If this happens,the battery
pack contains the bad cell,or the bad connection of the cable or plug.You can easily
know which one cell is bad by pressing INC> button at time of showing the error

The peocessor found that the voltage of one of
the cell in the Lithium battery pack is too low.

In this case, the 4th cell is bad.If there happens
the connection-break of the cable or plug,the
voltage value may show zero.

C1:3.50 C2:3.52V
C3:3.48 C4:1.82V

C5:3.46 C6:3.50V
C7:3.42 C8:3.48V