NEMO Equipment LOSI 3 User Manual

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Our 2010 product line is the result of 8 years of devoted
labor and half a million years or so of developing better
tools for shelter and survival. NEMO is about what we
have just discovered and what we have known for a
long time. It’s about beautiful design and intelligent
engineering. It’s about serene cloudless days and bitter
cold nights spent battling snow drifts and frostbite. It’s
about bringing two worlds together: the world of design
and technology and the actual world where we test
ourselves and our inventions. We are pursuing perfection.
It is an epic journey, often elusive, demanding youthful
energy, creativity, and courage. We have come a long
way in our travels and we promise never to yield in our
determination. Like our ancestors who explored new
places for the first time, we will change the common idea
of what is possible.

NEMO’s spirit is in adventure. Without the beautiful wild places
where adventures are made, our spirit dies. We are committed
to reducing our environmental impact. Finding the right path
forward takes a great deal of research, problem solving and
commitment. And finding the right path is only the first challenge,
walking that path is the real test. NEMO has been making strides
to use more sustainable materials, to repurpose byproducts of
manufacturing, and to recycle products at the end of their useful
life. We are taking steps for the future of our planet and hope
you will do the same. To learn more about NEMO’s GRN™ efforts,
please visit our website.