NEMO Equipment LOSI 3 User Manual

Page 6

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2. Unique Pole Configuration: The ridge poles
on Losi 3P™ run the long direction on the tent and
terminate above the ground. This design adds
significant interior volume and provides nearly
vertical walls on all sides of the tent. The steep
walls mean you can sit straight up almost anywhere
inside Losi 3P™.

3. On the Fly Configuration: Ditch your inner tent
for a light weight tarp structure created by your fly,
poles, and footprint. This is ideal for a sunny day
at the beach or on those backpacking trips where
every once counts. Setup is simple with Jake’s Feet
corner anchors and Velcro® wraps on the fly.

4. Dual Entries/Vestibules: Two doors and two
vestibules eliminate jostling for position and gear
storage. Both vestibules can be used in multiple
configurations depending on weather conditions
and your need for privacy. For maximum ventilation
on sunny days, tie back the doors or take the fly
off completely. Leave the doors open for a slight
breeze on cooler or wetter nights. When rain and
snow are coming down hard, close the entire
vestibule for full protection.

5. Gear Caddy with Light Pockets™: The Gear
Caddy is a detachable storage unit that can be
installed on either end of the tent. It is made of
mesh and has compartments of all different sizes to
fit glasses, books, or clothes. The Gear Caddy also
includes two Light Pockets™. Most headlamps have a
focused beam of light and hanging your lamp inside
your tent can be frustrating. This special pocket
holds your headlamp and has a light diffusing fabric
that helps cast an even glow throughout the tent.