Warning – NEMO Equipment LOSI 3 User Manual

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©2010 NEMO Equipment, Inc.


Printed on Recycled Paper

Never place your stove, campfire,

or other flame source in or near

your tent. Never cook, light, or

refuel a stove or any other heat

source inside your tent. Death

by suffocation and/or serious

burns is possible.

Maintain adequate ventilation

inside your tent at all times.

Death by suffocation is possible.

Anchor your tent properly at all

times to reduce the risk of loss or

injury to the tent or occupants.

Carefully consider the possibility

of falling rocks or tree limbs,

lightning strikes, flash floods,

avalanches, strong winds, and

other hazards when choosing

a campsite to reduce the risk of

loss or injury.

If you have additional questions, please contact

NEMO Equipment, Inc. directly at 800-997-9301.

NOTE: All 2010 NEMO tents meet the CPAI-84 standard

for flame retardancy.