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Testing Your System


If you are going to perform a System Test, call your Monitoring Station to inform them when

you begin and also when you end the test.

Testing Your Keypad Sounder and Siren

The System Test provides several system tests, and a two-second check of the keypad sounder and
bell or siren.
1. Press

[Master Code]


2. The following will occur:

- The system activates all keypad sounders and bells or sirens for 2 seconds. All keypad lights turn ON.
- PK5500/RFK5500 keypads will light all pixels
- The Ready, Armed, and Trouble LED’s will flash for the duration of the test

3. To exit the function menu, press


Testing Your Entire System

All smoke detectors in this installation must be tested by your smoke detector installer or dealer once
a year to ensure they are functioning correctly. It is the user’s responsibility to test the system weekly
(excluding smoke detectors). Ensure you follow all the steps in the ‘Testing Your System’ section


Should the system fail to function properly, call your installation company for service

1. Prior to testing, ensure that the system is disarmed and the Ready light is on.
2. Press

and close all zones to return the system to the Ready state.

3. Perform a System Test by following the steps in the previous section.
4. To test the zones, activate each detector in turn (e.g., open each door/window or walk in motion

detector areas).
PK5500/RFK5500 keypads will display the following message when each zone (detector) is acti-
vated: “Secure System Before Arming < >”, “Secure System or Enter Code” or “Secure or Arm
System”. Use the

keys to view which zones are open. The message will disappear

when the zones are closed.
On an PK5501/RFK5501 keypad, the display says “Open” when any zone (detector) is acti-
vated. To see which zones are open, press

. The keypad will scroll the numbers of all open

On a PK5508/PK5516/RFK5508/RFK5516 keypad, the zone light turns ON when the zone
(detector) is activated. The zone light turns OFF when the zone is closed (e.g., door or window


Some features described above will not be functional unless enabled by your installer. Ask

your installer which features are functional on your system.

Walk Test Mode

The installer can initiate a Walk Test mode for the system. While in Walk Test mode, The Ready,
Armed, and Trouble LED's will flash to indicate that Walk Test is active. When the system automati-
cally terminates the Walk Test modes, it will annunciate with an audible warning (5 beeps every 10
seconds), beginning five minutes prior to the termination of the test.

Allowing Computer Access To Your System

From time to time, your installer may need to send information to or retrieve information from your
security system. Your installer will do this by having a computer call your system over the telephone
line. You may need to prepare your system to receive this ‘downloading’ call. To do this:
1. Press

[Master code]

at any keypad. This allows downloading for a limited period of

time. During this time, the system will answer incoming downloading calls.

For more information on this feature, please ask your installer.

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