Neotech Communications HDM-V1F1 User Manual

Quick installation guide, Hdm-v1f1-sst/r hdm-v1f1-smt/r, Hd-sdi series

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HDM-V1F1 Series Quick Installation Guide





HD-SDI Series

Microtype 1-CH HD-SDI Transmitter/Receiver

(1) Safety Instructions

Please be familiar with all information in this quick installation guide and product manual
prior to installation and operation.

Note 1:
The products described contain a Class 1 laser or LED fiber optic emitter. The following
safety precautions apply.

Warning: Do not disconnect the fiber optic connector while the unit is powered up.
Exposure to Class I invisible optical radiation is possible when the internal fiber optic
connector is disconnected while the unit is powered up.

Caution: Any access to the controls, adjustments, or performing operations, which are
other than those specified may result in hazardous radiation exposure. Permanent eye
damage or other bodily injuries may be resulted from such exposure even for only

Note 2: This assembly contains parts sensitive to damage by electrostatic discharge (ESD). ESD
precautionary procedures should be applied in the course of touching, removing or inserting parts
or assemblies.

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