Digicom GigaNet NAS Server BE4413 User Manual

Network attached storage

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Giganet NAS Server 24/07/2008

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Attached Storage

Giganet NAS Server - Code 8E4413


2 USB ports 2.0 Host for external devices


Built-in BitTorrent Client


Files Back-up function from PC


Multimedia functions: iTunes, Photo, Video


Printer Server function


The Digicom’s solution for File & Multimedia Network Attached Storage.

With Giganet NAS Server you simply insert a
sharing, backup and mass storage unit inside
your LAN. It is perfect both in office and domestic
applications and it gives access to the NAS server
to multiple users at the same time to exploit all its

Giganet NAS Server can be fully managed and
setup via WEB interface
; this guarantees an easy
access and independence of the operating system. A part of the disk can be configured and reserved for different
users and groups.

The file sharing is based on the standard SMB protocol over TCP/IP. All the clients supporting SMB over TCP/IP
(natively or with third part SMB Client software) will be able to access the NAS server through the LAN, apart from
the operating system (Windows, MAC or Linux).

The multimedia functionalities like iTunes Server, MP3 Broadcast and Media Server with possibility to share music,
images and video mak Giganet NAS Server suitable also for personal entertainment applications.
A powerful and sophisticated Download Manager with built-in BitTorrent Client allows to download files from Internet
autonomously, without having the PC on. The BitTorrent and HTTP/FTP modes are supported.

Giganet NAS Server can carry out the automatic Back-up of files and folders from the PCs in LAN without any
external software

Gigabit LAN