Digicom PCI V92L User Manual

Modem, Win modem pci v.92l

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56K Fax/Modem (V.92 and V.90)

Fax Gr.3 up to 14.400 bit/s

Digital answering machine (with PC ON)

Plug&Play PCI Bus

AT Commands

Autospeed up to 115.2 Kbps

MNP4, V.42 error correction

MNP5, V.42bis, V.44 data compression

32 bit PCI Bus serial interface

CTR21 International line interface

Data/Phone relé

Pulse and DTMF dialing

Driver per Windows® ME/2000, 98

CE Mark

Win Modem PCI V.92L 16.04.2002

The ideal solutions for any application, at home and office.

Modems projected to guarantee the maximum performance.


The internal modem card for PCI Bus.

Win Modem is the ideal solution for users who prefer

an internal modem. Fast and reliable, it’s perfect for

the Internet surfing.

Win Modem PCI V.92L is a V.92 and V.90 fax/modem

for the Internet access. It can also send/receive faxes

up to 14400 bps (Gr.3)

It connects to the PCI Bus of the computer and is

very easy to install as it’s Windows® Plug & Play.

Win Modem PCI V.92L can be used also as a digital

answering machine when PC is ON.

Thanks to the CTR21 International line interface it

operates inforeign countries.

Win Modem PCI V.92L is supplied with software,

cables and drivers for Windows® 2000/ME/98.

WinModem It is software upgradable.

Win Modem PCI V.92L

Code: 8E4080

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