Digicom Tintoretto LAN Plus ISDN LAN Modem User Manual

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128/64 Kbps ISDN LAN modem

Connects to the 10/100 Mbps LAN

LAN to LAN at 128 Kbps

LAN to Internet with a single Internet

account (NAT function)

Automatic call

Web based configuration

Bandwidth on demand

PAP authentication

Flash Upgradable

New Tintoretto LAN+ 08.10.2004


Connect your office to the Internet? Create a

private Intranet for remote access to the LAN?

New Tintoretto LAN+ can do this simply, quickly and

with the maximum performance.

Top Performances.

New Tintoretto LAN+ allows multiple computers (PC

or MAC) to connect to the Internet simultaneously at

128/64 Kbps (PPP and MLPPP) for the cost of a

single Internet account. (NAT/SUA function).
It has a 10/100Mbps LAN port to be faster and
suitable with the new 100Mbps LANs.



New Tintoretto Lan+

High speed surfing.

A few seconds and you are connected to the Internet

at 64 or 128 Kbps (MLPPP). If no one is browsing,

New Tintoretto LAN+ automatically disconnects.

Interconnect your LAN with a remote LAN.

New Tintoretto LAN+ can operate in LAN to LAN via

static rounting to interconnect a remote LAN and

share the resources.


New Tintoretto Lan+



New Tintoretto LAN+

Code: 8E4073

Remote Access.

New Tintoretto LAN+ allows remote users with

ISDN modem to access to computers or

servers of your LAN (remote access, mobile

users, remote working).

Thanks to the Authentication and Security

functions it is possible to create access lists

and users groups for the Internet service or for

the LAN resources.

It is easy to install and setup using the

Browser and simple menus.

It is supplied with cables (LAN and ISDN).

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