Digicom Tizano Memory Pro Modem User Manual

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Wireless Connected V.92/V.90 Modem

Ideal to connect the Bluetooth PCs via


Built-in 56K Analog modem (V.92, V.90)

Uses Bluetooth 1.1

Range up to 10 metres

CTR21 line interface

Led Indicators for Power, Tx, Rx, DCD,

Bluetooth, Off Hook

Automatic Configuration

Operating System Independent

Power Supply 9Vac 500mA

Size: 110 x 65 x 25 mm

CE Mark

BlueGATE 05.03.2003


Low Cost Cablefree Internet Access.

PSTN Access Point/Modem for Home and Office

using Bluetooth Wireless.

Providing a cableless Internet connection for any

Bluetooth Data Device via the Public Switched

Telephone Network the new BlueGATE provides a

lowcost wireless solution for any room in a house or

office within a 10 meter range.

Bluetooth equipped devices such as Notebook PC’s

and PDA’s can access the Internet at up to 56Kbit/s

without the inconvenience of cables or internal

modem devices.

BlueGATE: The convenient and versatile Wireless


With BlueGATE you have the same wireless

functionalities of the Wireless Lan devices without the

relating costs. You will have a wireless solution for the

Internet access at a very

competitive price.

Just connect a Bluetooth adapter

(i.e. Palladio USB Bluetooth) and

you will be on-line.

Easy Configuration.

BlueGATE does not require particular configurations.

It is automatically detected by the Bluetooth device

installed on your PC or PDA.

Just execute the Pairing inserting the PIN you find in

the package and you’re ready to connect to the


Create a profile for the Remote Access or modify the

one you generally use, selecting the Bluetooth modem

instead of your usual modem.



Palladio USB


Phone Plug


Code: 8E4140

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