Elfa Melamine shelves used together with Hang Standards User Manual

Solid shelving, Traditional solid shelving assembly

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Solid shelving

Traditional solid shelving assembly

Fig A.

Fig C.

Fig E.

Fig B.

Fig D.

Fig F.

Fig H.

Fig I.

Fig G.

Shelf joiners attached to one shelf.

Shelf pins.

Shelf screws.

Shelf joiners.

Step 1 Install the wallband

(see to install wallbands).

Step 2 Position wallbands at the proper distance

for the shelves being used. The maximum distan-

ce should not be more than 36”/900 mm apart.

Wallbands should be parallel with one another

and perpendicular to the floor (Fig. A).
Step 3 The row of shelving closest to the midd-

le should be installed first. Put the brackets in

the wallbands for the row you are installing (Fig.

B). If joining shelves, put the shelf joiners in the

brackets. One shelf joiner should be placed at the

very front of the bracket and one at the back of

the bracket, approximately 1/2”/10 mm from the

standard (Fig. C).

Step 4 Place the shelf on the brackets and use a

pencil to trace an outline of the brackets (Fig. D).

If joining shelves, place the entire row of shelves

on the brackets. Adjust them so there are no gaps

at the front where the shelves meet. On the bot-

tom of the shelves, use a pencil to mark the holes

in the shelf joiners, as well as to trace an outline

of the remaining brackets.

Step 5 Take the shelf off the brackets and place

it upside down on the floor with pencil marks

visible.If joining shelves, keep them in sequence

when taking them off the brackets and placing

them on the floor (Fig. E). Take the shelf joiners

out of the brackets and place them on the floor

next to their respective shelves.

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