Commissioning procedure, Installation, Operation – Flowserve BK 45 User Manual

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Combination spanner A. F. 6 mm, DIN , Form B

Combination spanner A. F.  mm, DIN , Form B

Torque spanner (US: torque wrench) 0-0 Nm, ISO 6789


Make sure that all connections are subjected to a suitable pressure test according to the pertinent
rules and regulations.

Commissioning Procedure


The equipment is under pressure and hot during operation. Risk of severe burns and

injuries to the whole body.
Installation and maintenance work should only be carried out when the system is depres-

surized (0 bar) and cold (0 °C).
The equipment must be isolated and vented from both upstream and downstream pres-

sure before installation or maintenance work is performed.
Sharp edges on internals present a danger of cuts to hands.

Always wear industrial gloves when servicing the equipment.


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Drain steam trap if the installation is shut down and ambient temperatures ≤ 0 °C (frost)

are to be expected.

A subsequent heat treatment of the welds is not required.

Heat treatment of welds

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