innovaphone IP21 User Manual

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Operating Manual

IP Adapters

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¾ Cleaning

Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to clean the surface of the equipment housing.

Do not use any chemicals or abrasives. The equipment does not require any

¾ Malfunctions

There is no need to open the device if it is operated and serviced as intended.

Do not open or reconnect faulty equipment. In this case, return the equipment to
your dealer or service centre. Keep the original packaging in case you need to return
the equipment, since it provides ideal protection.

Back up all entries (for example, on a PC) to avoid losing data.

¾ Disposal

When due for disposal, the device should be disposed of as electronic scrap, in
accordance with local regulations.

¾ Environmental


There is no contact with hazardous materials if the telephone is used as intended.
The plastics used for this device are of partially recycled granulate. We do not use
any plastic material for our packaging. We only use part recycled cardboard and

¾ Warranty

Your IP terminal is a sophisticated, modern device which has been produced using
state-of-the-art production equipment in order to meet high quality requirements.
Only high quality components, which ensure a maximum of reliability, are used for
their production.

A warranty seal has been applied to the bottom of the IP terminal (on a screw of the
housing). Please make sure it is not damaged, since otherwise no warranty claims
can be made.

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