innovaphone IP62 User Manual

Quick reference guide: ip62

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Quick Reference Guide: IP62

for innovaphone WiFi handset

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Multifunction Button
Earpiece speaker


Headset connector

Date and time


more symbols


Soft key functio

Soft keys



On / Off


Key lock



Display Icons

Signal strength

Battery status

Keypad locked

Microphone off

Incoming call

Missed call

Outgoing call

Handset locked

Sound off

System connection

The IP WiFi telephone IP62 is suitable for use in office environments. It can be
operated on the innovaphone PBX as an extension line on its own or on the same
extension number in addition to a desk top phone. The WiFi connection enables the
subscriber to move more than 100m away from the base station.

Please contact your administrator or local innovaphone partner in order to register
the IP62 WiFi telephone to the local network and the telephone system.

innovaphone PBX features
The IP62 is intuitive to use on the basis of the above mentioned keys and symbols.
Additional features described here are available for use on the innovaphone PBX.

Switching between calls
As soon as a call has been set-up, the right-and soft key takes on the function of the
R key. Pressing this key puts the current call on hold and a second call can be set
up. When both calls have been set up, press the R key and the number 2 on the
numeric pad to switch between calls and thus to change which call is active.