Crisper humidity control, Ice maker – Maytag MBF2562HEW User Manual

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Temp Alarm

The Temp Alarm feature provides temperature information in the
event of a power outage.

Power outage: During a power outage, if the temperatures in the
refrigerator and freezer compartments exceed normal operating
temperatures, the highest temperature reached will be displayed.

Press the Temp Alarm touch pad until the indicator light is lit,
to turn on this feature. Press and hold Temp Alarm for
3 seconds until the indicator light goes off to turn off this

Temperature alarm: An alarm will sound repeatedly if the freezer
or refrigerator compartment temperatures exceed normal
operating temperatures for an hour or more.

The temperature displays will alternately show the current
temperatures and the highest temperatures the compartments

Press the Temp Alarm touch pad once to stop the audible
alarm and alternating temperature displays. The Temp Alarm
light will continue to flash until the refrigerator returns to the
set temperature.

Door Alarm

The Door Alarm feature sounds a chime every few seconds when
the refrigerator door has been left open for 5 continuous minutes.
The chime will sound until the door is closed or Door Alarm is
turned off.

Press the Door Alarm touch pad to turn this feature on or off.
The indicator light will be lit when the Door Alarm feature is

Water Filter Status Light and Filter Reset
(on some models)

See “Water Filtration System”

Digital Control User Preferences

The control center allows you to set user preferences, if desired.

Super Cool (CC)

This preference allows you to improve the air flow and
temperature control. To save energy, turn off this feature by
pressing OFF.

Temperature Display (F_C)

This preference allows you to change the temperature display.

F - Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit

C - Temperature in degrees Celsius

Alarm (AL)

This preference allows you to turn off the sound of all alarms.

ON - You will hear the alarm sound.

OFF - You will not hear the alarm sound.

Auto Light Level Selection (LL)

This preference allows you to adjust the dispenser light level from
dimmest to brightest (settings 1 through 9).

NOTE: The Auto Light feature on the control center must be
selected to activate this preference.

Sabbath Mode (SAB)

ON - All control panel lights, interior lights and alarm tones will be

OFF - All control panel lights, interior lights and alarm tones will
be enabled.

NOTE: Press the Door Alarm touch pad for 3 seconds to restore
all lights.

To Access the User Preferences Menu:

1. Press and hold the Door Alarm touch pad for 3 seconds. The

preference name will appear in the Freezer display and the
preference status (F or C) or (ON or OFF) will appear in the
Refrigerator display.

2. Use the Freezer (+) or (-) touch pads to scroll through the

preference names. When the desired preference name is
displayed, press the Refrigerator (+) or (-) touch pads to
change the preference status.

3. Set your preferences by pressing and holding the Door Alarm

touch pad for 3 seconds, or by shutting the refrigerator
compartment door.

Crisper Humidity Control

You can control the amount of humidity in the moisture-sealed
crisper. Depending on your model, adjust the control to any
setting between FRUIT and VEGETABLES or LOW and HIGH.

FRUIT / LOW (open) for best storage of fruits and vegetables
with skins.

VEGETABLES / HIGH (closed) for best storage of fresh, leafy

Ice Maker

(on some models)

Turning the Ice Maker On/Off

To turn the ice maker ON, simply lower the wire shutoff arm.

To manually turn the ice maker OFF, lift the wire shutoff arm to the
OFF (arm up) position and listen for the click.

NOTE: Your ice maker has an automatic shutoff. As ice is made,
the ice cubes will fill the ice storage bin and the ice cubes will
raise the wire shutoff arm to the OFF (arm up) position. Do not
force the wire shutoff arm up or down.

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