Water filter certifications – Maytag MBF2562HEW User Manual

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The water dispenser will not operate properly

Refrigerator connected to a water supply and the supply
shutoff valve turned on?
Connect refrigerator to water
supply and turn water shutoff valve fully open.

Kink in the water source line? Straighten the water source

New installation? Flush and fill the water system. See “Water

Is the water pressure at least 35 psi (241 kPa)? The water
pressure to the home determines the flow from the dispenser.
See “Water Supply Requirements.”

Water filter installed on the refrigerator? Remove filter and
operate dispenser. If water flow increases, the filter may be
clogged or incorrectly installed. Replace filter or reinstall it

Refrigerator door closed completely? Close the door
firmly. If it does not close completely, see “The doors will not
close completely.”

Recently removed the doors? Make sure the water
dispenser wire/tube assembly has been properly reconnected
at the bottom of the refrigerator door. See “Refrigerator

Reverse osmosis water filtration system connected to
your cold water supply?
This can decrease water pressure.
See “Water Supply Requirements.”

Water is leaking from the dispenser system

NOTE: One or two drops of water after dispensing is normal.

Glass not being held under the dispenser long enough?
Hold the glass under the dispenser 2 to 3 seconds after
releasing the dispenser lever.

New installation? Flush the water system. See “Water

Recently changed water filter? Flush the water system. See
“Water Dispenser.”

Water on the floor near the base grille? Make sure the
water dispenser tube connections are fully tightened. See
“Refrigerator Doors.”

Water from the dispenser is warm

NOTE: Water from the dispenser is only chilled to 50°F (10°C).

New installation? Allow 24 hours after installation for the
water supply to cool completely.

Recently dispensed large amount of water? Allow
24 hours for water supply to cool completely.

Water not been recently dispensed? The first glass of water
may not be cool. Discard the first glass of water.

Refrigerator connected to a cold water pipe? Make sure
the refrigerator is connected to a cold water pipe. See “Water
Supply Requirements.”



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