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Nistune Z32 ECU Modifications for R33 RB25DET Skyline Installation

Revision 10 – 26 May 2013

Thanks to Eric at DTA Motorsports and Andrew H for their help with previous versions.
Many thanks and credits to Skyline Stu for the Rev 10 version of this document.


Fitting of the Z32 ECU is a functional and cost effective way to tune the R33 RB25DET
Skyline when fitted with a NIStune board. The main ECU pin-outs are the same, so the
Z32 ECU will actually plug into the R33 without modification.

There are some secondary signals which differ between the two ECU’s. So for best
integration into a standard R33 Skyline we’ve provided some basic instructions detailing
the changes.

As a minimum it’s recommended to do the resistor modification to correct the Fuel
Temperature input – this will avoid incorrect fuel temperature measurements affecting the
tune (see Section 5).

Instructions are for modifying the Z32 ECU for a direct R33 plug-in. This saves re-wiring
the R33 harness - which means the standard ECU can easily be re-fitted if required. The
same outcome may be realised by modifying the wiring harness if you’d rather not modify
the ECU.

NIStune has provided a base image which consists of the Z32 base with R33 maps/tables
merged. Files can be found in the NIStune ROM pack (from V3 onwards) under the Type
2/ECR33_RB25 folder (refer downloads section at

These files should provide a good starting point for tuning. Experience has shown that an
RB25DET running the standard 370cc injectors and standard AFM will run quite well
before any tuning even takes place.

Base images are configured for Series 1 R33 engines. Series 2 use a different airflow meter, so be
sure to change the airflow meter in NIStune (Operations, Change Mass Airflow Meter) when you
first connect to your ECU. Response curves for both airflow meters are very similar, so this should
have minimal affect on the rest of the tune (K constant, load scales etc.).