Relacart Electronics DAM-800 User Manual

Dam-800 8-channel digital automatic mixer, Instructions, Safety precautions

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DAM-800 8-Channel Digital Automatic Mixer

User Guide


Thank you for choosing

RELACART automatic mixer system. You have joined thousands of specialized

customers. Our years of professional experience of design and manufacturing ensure the quality,

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Safety Precautions

1. Please


specifications for safety precautions carefully before installation and operation.

2. Please keep the safety specification for future reference.

3. Do not scratch, bend, twist, stretch or heat the power cord, otherwise may damage the power cord

and lead to fire or electroshock.

4. Do not open the casing, otherwise may lead to electroshock, please contact our local agent if need

maintenance or repair.

5. Do not touch the plug with wet hand, otherwise may lead to fire or electroshock.

6. If power cord is damaged (breaking or baring cable core), please contact agent for replacement.

Continue to use the damaged power cord may lead to fire or electroshock.

7. Before moving the device, please switch off the power, pull out the power plug and all contact

cables, otherwise may damage the cables and lead to fire or electroshock.

8. Please cut off power, pull out the power plug and all contact cables before cleaning the device. Use

dry and soft cloth when cleaning.

9. Please cut off the power, and it would be better to pull out the power plug if the device is not in use

long time.

10. All Relacart products offer one year free warranty except for the damage as following:

A、 Device is damaged by man-made factors.

B、 Device is damaged by improper operation.

C、 Some components are damaged or loss by self-disassembly.