SoundTraxx DSD-150/DSX Owners Manual User Manual

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Digital Sound Decoder Owner's Manual



Congratulations on the purchase of your SoundTraxx™ Digital Sound Decoder ™(DSD). Properly installed, the DSD
will provide all the pleasures of high quality, digital onboard sound and the benefits of today’s DCC (Digital Command
Control) technology.

With the proper tools, basic modeling skills and common sense, equipping a locomotive with sound is not difficult. It
may, however, be a new experience for you, and you will find that successive installations will go more quickly than
the first. The Digital Sound Decoders have some unique features and capabilities that require some steps not found
in regular decoder installations. We strongly encourage even the most skilled and experienced modeler to read this
manual thoroughly as it contains instructions and information designed to provide optimum, trouble free performance
from your DSD. We urge you to test the decoder first using the simple test procedure in Appendix B to verify that
everything is working as it should. If you do not feel comfortable attempting the installation - don’t! You may prefer to
have your dealer perform the installation while you watch, until you gain some experience.

Please note that while each decoder is tested thoroughly before it is shipped, we cannot control the correctness or
quality of the installation. It is imperative that you follow the directions and do not install the decoder before you have
tested it. Never remove the protective heat shrink from the decoder; there are no adjustments or user serviceable
parts and this will void your warranty. Do not shorten any of the decoder wires until you have verified that it is
functioning properly using the Decoder Test.

This manual is divided into two parts for your convenience. Part I is the Owner's Manual, which covers the features
of the Digital Sound Decoder, it's installation and it's operation. Part II is the Decoder Technical Reference. This is
designed for the advanced user who wishes to have the technical data on the Digital Sound Decoder as a reference
for advanced programming techniques. If this is your first decoder installation, Part I will provide you with all the
information you need to get started.