ZeeVee ZvBox 160 User Manual

Zvbox, 720p hd encoder / modulator get going guide

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720p HD Encoder / Modulator

Get Going Guide



160 is an HD MPEG-2 Encoder and

frequency agile QAM Modulator. It allows you
to convert any Component HD video source, in
real-time and very high quality into an HDTV
cable channel. This channel is placed onto
standard COAX wiring, where it can be com-
bined with up to 134 other HDTV channels and
distributed over an entire premise.

This guide will take you through a typical instal-
lation procedure, and will have you broadcasting
your own HDTV channel in less than 10 minutes.
For additional assistance or more complex instal-
lations, please refer to the Zv Support page at
www.zeevee.com, where you will find answers
to frequently asked questions, and helpful tips
from ZeeVee experts.

If you cannot find the answers you need, our
technical support hot line at 877-4ZEEVEE
(877-493-3833) is here to help.