Invotel USB240M User Manual

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Package Content:

USB 240M MP3 Digital Player unit
Secure Digital (SD card) 256MB or higher
Power adapter 110v-240v AC to 5V DC 500 ma
USB cord to connect the player to power adapter
USB adapter to update the SD card via PC
3.5 mm stereo to 3.5 mm stereo audio cord to connect to MOH port
Mono Jack to RCA plug adapter (part# 1606)
Earphone to monitor the playback
User’s Manual

Connecting to a Computer:

The player stays in the phone room, You may connect the USB adapter to a
PC and access / update SD card via the USB adapter. Connecting the player
itself to a PC USB port provides playback only, SD card can not be accessed
or updated this way.

When you connect the USB adapter to PC and insert the SD card into it, a
status LED turns ON and the USB adapter will be detected as “Removable
Disk” , when you open “My Computer” or “Windows Explorer”

Transferring files into SD card:

Select the file you want to transfer to the SD card in the USB adapter and
drag-and-drop it into the “Removable Disk” that represents this device (right
click on the file, copy, move the mouse to the “Removable Disk” , right click
there and paste)

The player will play all the .mp3 files one by one before it auto repeats from
the 1


file, so if you only need it to play one .mp3 file then just keep one .mp3

file in the SD card, i.e. move or delete the extra files you do not want to play
from the SD card.

When the file is being transferred to SD card allow several seconds for it to
finish transferring before removing the SD card from the USB adapter.

Disconnecting USB adapter from Computer:

You may let USB Adapter remain connected to PC for future updates, just
remove the SD card and insert it into the player. The playback automatically
starts. If you want to remove the USB adapter from the PC then do as follows

Double click on the green arrow in the Taskbar located on the lower -right
side of the computer screen (Safely Remove Hardware)

Select “USB Mass Storage Device” from the list that appears then click

then press “OK” , the Status LED turns OFF on the USB adapter.

When the “Safe to Remove Hardware” appears click OK and disconnect
the USB adapter from your PC.

(be sure to keep the USB adapter for future

updates via PC)

When you are updating he SD card via the USB adapter
on a PC, just unplug the SD card from the USB adapter
and insert it into the player, The USB adapter may
remain connected to PC.


File Formats

MP3, WMA, MAC, etc.

Frequency response

20Hz to 20 KHz


less than 0.1% THD

Sampling rate

>64kbps Mono ,128kbps recommended

PC Interface

USB 2.0 Hi-Speed(MSC)

Memory Capacity SD card 128MB to 4GB

(256MB 240 minutes on USB


Power supply:

110VAC-240VAC 50-60 Hz. To 5VDC 500ma


2.2” x 2.2 ” x 0.5” (L x W x H)

Color: White Weight: 0.1 pounds (1/4 pounds with power supply)


Do Not Disconnect the USB Adapter from PC

To test the audio:

the provided earphone can be used to hear the

audio playback any time, To do this connect it directly into Audio Out jack
on the player, if the player is off turn it ON, (blue LED blinking) If you
have not installed the player to your MOH jack and power adapter yet,
There is enough power in the player itself to let you play and test the
audio for a few minutes, connect the player to power and to the MOH port

If you have a new SD card with new production in
it, simply “press in” the old SD card so it snaps
out, then insert the new SD card and make sure it
snaps in, the playback automatically starts.