Casio BE-300 Viewing Photographs on CASSIOPEIA User Manual

Viewing photographs on cassiopeia

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[ Viewing photographs on CASSIOPEIA ]

Viewing Photographs on CASSIOPEIA

By installing the "Photo Viewer" software recorded on the CASSIOPEIA Software
Applications CD-ROM, the CASSIOPEIA BE-300 can display JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG
and other image files.

First follow the instructions at "PC Connect installation and use" to install specialized
"PC Connect" software recorded on the CASSIOPEIA Software Applications CD-ROM.
Also link the CASSIOPEIA and the computer by connecting the included USB cradle to
the computer.
(This installation and connection only needs to be done one time.)

Installing the Photo Viewer software onto CASSIOPEIA

This software can be installed only into CASSIOPEIA main memory.
Before following the rest of these instructions, close all running applications on the

(1) Place the CASSIOPEIA on the USB cradle and turn it on. If the CASSIOPEIA is

already on when placed on the cradle, leave it on.

(2) The following PC Connect window will appear on the computer screen.