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Lifting and Moving the TV

When moving or lifting the TV, read the following

to prevent the TV from being scratched or

damaged and for safe transportation regardless of

its type and size.

• It is recommended to move the TV in the box or

packing material that the TV originally came in.

• Before moving or lifting the TV, disconnect the

power cord and all cables.

• When holding the TV, the screen

should face away from you to

avoid damage.

• Hold the top and bottom of the TV frame firmly.

Make sure not to hold the transparent part,

speaker, or speaker grille area.

• Use at least two people to move

a large TV.

• When transporting the TV by

hand, hold the TV as shown in the

following illustration.

• When transporting the TV, do not expose the TV

to jolts or excessive vibration.

• When transporting the TV, keep the TV upright;

never turn the TV on its side or tilt towards the

left or right.

• When handling the TV, be careful not to damage

the protruding buttons.


• Avoid touching the screen at all times, as this

may result in damage to the screen.

• Do not place the product on the floor with its

front facing down without padding. Failure to do

so may result in damage to the screen.

• Do not move the TV by holding the cable

holders, as the cable holders may break, and

injuries and damage to the TV may occur.

(Depending upon model)

Using the Button

(Depending upon model)
You can simply operate the TV functions, pressing

or moving the button.
[A type]

Joystick Button

[B type]

Joystick Button

Basic Functions

Power On (Press)
Power Off (Press and Hold)


Volume Control

Channels Control

1 All running apps will close.

Adjusting the Menu

When the TV is turned on, press button one time.

You can adjust the Menu items pressing or moving

the buttons.

Turns the power off.
Accesses the setting menu.
Clears on-screen displays and returns to TV


Changes the input source.

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