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• Remove the stand before installing the TV on a

wall mount by performing the stand attachment

in reverse.


• To remove the stand, hold the top and bottom

of stand, then pull it out while also lowering it as

shown in the following illustration.

(For OLED55/65E6P)





• To install the wall mount, use the stand

assembly screws to attach the wall mount cover

to the bottom of the product as shown in the

following illustration. (For OLED55/65E6P)

Provided Item

Wall mount


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Connections (Notifications)

You can connect various external devices to the TV.

Supported external devices are: HD receivers, DVD

players, VCRs, audio systems, USB storage devices,

PC, gaming devices, and other external devices.

For more information on an external device’s

connection, refer to the manual provided with

each device.


• If you record a TV program on a DVD recorder or

VCR, make sure to connect the TV signal input

cable to the TV through a DVD recorder or VCR.

For more information about recording, refer to

the manual provided with the connected device.

• The external device connections shown may

differ slightly from illustrations in a manual.

• Connect external devices to the TV regardless

about the order of the TV port.

• If you connect a gaming device to the TV, use the

cable supplied with the gaming device.

• Refer to the external equipment’s manual for

operating instructions.

• In PC mode, there may be noise associated

with the resolution, vertical pattern, contrast,

or brightness. If noise is present, change the PC

output to another resolution, change the refresh

rate to another rate, or adjust the brightness and

contrast on the PICTURE menu until the picture

is clear.

• Depending upon the graphics card, some

resolution settings may not allow the image to

be positioned on the screen properly.

• Some USB Hubs may not work. If a USB device

connected through a USB Hub is not detected,

connect it directly to the USB port on the TV.

• The TV may be capable of operating without a

set-top from a multichannel video programming

distributor (MVPD).

Connecting to an Antenna or Cable

Connect an antenna, cable, or cable box to watch

TV. The illustrations may differ from the actual

items and an RF cable is optional.


• Make sure not to bend the copper wire of the RF


Copper wire

• Complete all connections between devices, and

then connect the power cord to the power outlet

to prevent damage to your TV.


• Use a signal splitter to use 2 TVs or more.

• DTV Audio Supported Codec: MPEG,

Dolby Digital.

• Direct ULTRA HD broadcast is unavailable in

areas without an ULTRA HD signal.

• This TV cannot receive ULTRA HD (3840 x 2160

pixels) broadcasts directly because the related

standards have not been confirmed.

(Depending upon model)

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