Elinca FX 100 User Manual

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EL-Skyport triggers flashes without sync cords over a distance of approximately 100 m.

Further detailed information please find under :

www.elinchrom.com / Products / RX Multi Remote

Open flash "Test"

Having pressed the touch pad to release a flash, the green «READY» light will

appear again once the unit is recharged. If the green light does not appear the

charge system could be defective.

Please contact and send to an authorized Elinchrom service.

Audible recharge signal

Select the function with the touch pad (8), the green indicator appears.

Once recycled an acoustic signal indicates that the compact unit is ready.


Test and Ready



EL-Skyport Universal Set


Universal receiver


Cordless flash control

The standard socket 3.5 mm mini-jack (6).

N.B. Do not link ELINCHROM units by cable to other manufacturers sync outlets.

ELINCHROM uses the low voltage (5V) for security reasons.

Sychronisation socket

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