Elinca FX 100 User Manual

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Training with Elinchrom lighting

The Beginner’s Guide To Light /


Only in English available.

Your DVD Guide to better pictures, show

how easy studio photography can be.

Learn about flash units and why studio

flash is just the better light source for

portrait and universal photography.

Setting up and controlling flash lights and

how to use umbrellas, softboxes, snoots

and grids. Have a look and enjoy the

passion of photography. Presented by

Chris Burfoot.


1. The mains switch (3) is ON ("I" position), but does not light up:
• Switch OFF the unit and change the mains fuse (2)

• Use only time-lag fuse (16 AT), corresponding to the Style FX model
2. The switch (3) is lit, the open flash ready is lighting up but does not function.
• The flashtube in the flashhead may be faulty

• You cannot change the flashtube by yourself! => please return the unit to an authorised

Elinchrom service.

3. The ON/OFF switch (3) is lit but the open flash signal (6) is not lit
• Temporary break for overheating, caused by fast flash sequences or ventilation

slots obturated

• Fan cooling defective => the unit turns off automatically and cannot be fired any

more. After a break for cooling, the flash is ready again for operation.

• If after several minutes of break for cooling the ready signal (6) is not lit, the cause

could be a component failure. However, high voltage may remain on the capacitor

circuits. => DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPAIR THE UNIT. In this case please send the unit

to an authorised Elincrom station.

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