Maintenance, Valve disassembly, Troubleshooting – Marwin Valve 3T3700 Series 3-Way Ball Valve User Manual

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Before starting maintenance, please read information
contained in the Caution Section of the manual.

Open and close the ball valve at least once to re-


lease the pressure completely from valve body.
Ball valves, if correctly used, normally do not need


any internal lubrication and maintenance. However,
when necessary, ball or seats can be replaced by
qualified personnel following the instructions of this

Valve Disassembly

Note: The 3T3700/3L3800 Series ball valves are not
designed for rebuilding, nor is it economical to do so.
Should the valve leak, complete replacement is recom-
mended. However, a spare parts kit may be special or-
dered at customer request.


Stem Leakage

You can eliminate leakage in the stem area by

increasing the torque on the gland nut in ¼ turn
increments. If leakage persists, replace valve.

Body Seal Leakage

Check the torque of the end cap. If leakage per-

sists, replace valve.

In Line or Seats Leakage

Check to be sure valve is in fully closed position. If

leakage persists, the valve must be replaced.

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