Owner’s manual – Halfords Bicycle Accessories User Manual

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Owner’s Manual

Every effort has been made to ensure your trailer is of top quality and proven safe design, ready to provide you with

many years of safe, happy use. Please read this manual and instructions fully before assembly and use.

Please keep this manual for future reference. If you sell or give this product to someone else, please include this

Owner’s Manual, and ask the new owner to read the instructions thoroughly before using.

WARNING Your trailer is designed for the safe, passive transportation of one child between 12 months

and 6 years of age and weighing no more than 22kg (48lbs). It designed only for attachment to an adult

pedal cycle and for use at a leisurely pace. Its design is not consistent with off-road, jumping or competitive


Any such unauthorized use may cause a critical failure of the trailer resulting in possible death or injury

to the passenger(s) and/or rider.

WARNING Not for use with children under 12 months of age! Children must be able to support their own heads!
WARNING To prevent injury, please exercise extreme care when folding and unfolding this product!


Your Halfords trailer is 95% factory assembled. You need only install the safety flag, and attach the wheels

before it is ready to use. This initial assembly should only take around 10-15 minutes, after which all you

need do now is familiarize yourself with the essential safety information within this document and you’re ready to go.

Assembly and attachment must only be carried out by an adult.

Check that all parts are present. If any parts are missing or damaged, please contact one of our Customer Service

Representatives by phone at 01332 274242, or by e-mail at [email protected]

WARNING Immediately discard all plastic bags and plastic wrapping materials!
WARNING Never allow children to assemble, fold, or disassemble this unit!



Frame with canopy, sling seat with 5-point safety harness, tow bar, tow bar coupler and rear wheel

brackets attached.


2-in-1 Rain cover


Safety flag with pole


20” Rear wheels

No tools are required to assemble this trailer. However, for those bikes without a quick-release axle on the

rear wheel, an adjustable wrench is required to attach the coupler plate.

WARNING Before using, be sure the product is correctly assembled!