Halfords Bicycle Accessories User Manual

Page 7

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STEP 1 Proper use of the 5-point safety harness for one child

WARNING To avoid serious injury, the child should always wear the seat belt and shoulder straps!

Proper seating position for child

Undo the lap belt buckle and seat the child in the centre of the trailer/stroller.
Buckle the lap belt over the child’s lap, and pull the strap until the belt is snug.
Place the two centre shoulder straps over the child’s shoulders, and clip both straps into the “D” ring of the

centre crotch strap.
Adjust the shoulder strap height according to the height of the child, then pull the straps until they are snug.
IMPORTANT! Adjust the straps so that the crotch strap and shoulder straps meet at the child’s

stomach level, not at chest level!
Clip the outer shoulder strap on either side into the “D” ring of the outer crotch strap directly below. This will

keep the straps that are not in use out of the way.

Entering and exiting the passenger compartment

1. Unclip the front panel clasps near the front corners of the trailer/stroller.

2. Fold the front flap down and underneath the trailer/stroller so that it is out of the way.

3. Assist children as they enter and exit the passenger compartment.

STEP 12 Install the safety flag





Connect the flagpole sections and find the small opening near the top left edge of the canopy.


Slide the end of the flagpole through the opening in the canopy.


Slide the pole all the way down into the flag pole sleeve near the rear corner.

WARNING Always use the safety flag when pulling this trailer!

Flag pole