Halfords Bicycle Accessories User Manual

Page 9

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WARNING Use a foot pump or hand pump to inflate tyres! Pressurized air hoses can cause over-inflation!

WARNING Accessories or parcels placed in trailer/stroller may cause it to become unstable!

WARNING Never use this trailer/stroller if it becomes damaged!

WARNING To avoid serious injury, children should always wear the seat belt and the shoulder straps!

WARNING Never leave children unattended in or around this trailer!

WARNING Make sure your bike brakes work properly! Braking distance is increased when pulling a trailer!

WARNING This trailer is wide! Allow extra clearance near kerbs, signs, parked cars, and other obstacles!

WARNING A bicycle with trailer attached requires a wide turning radius! Do not turn sharply!

WARNING Each child must wear an approved safety helmet when riding in this product in trailer mode!

WARNING Never remove protective canopy when children are in the trailer!

WARNING Always use the safety flag when pulling this trailer!

WARNING When pulling one child in the trailer, seat him/her in the centre!

WARNING Do not ride over kerbs! Avoid bumps and holes! Always signal your turns!

WARNING Use extra caution when turning on uneven road surface, and going downhill!

WARNING Not for use at high speeds! Do not exceed 10 MPH!

WARNING Never ride a bike or pull this trailer at night!

WARNING Be aware of exposure hazards such as wind-chill and heat exhaustion by less-active trailer passengers

in prolonged exposure in colder temperatures, or by extended periods in warmer temperatures without adequate

ventilation and hydration.

If you have any questions about the safe use or assembly of this product, please contact one of our Customer Service

Representatives on 01332 274242

or by e-mail at [email protected]