Halfords Bicycle Accessories User Manual

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Removal of the trailer from the bike

1. Remove children from inside the passenger compartment.

2. Unclip the tow bar safety strap from the “D” ring.

3. Loop the strap back around the bike frame tube so that the strap is free of the bike frame.

4. Clip the end of the strap back on to the tow bar “D” ring.

5. Remove the quick-release pin from the tow bar coupler.

6. Slide the tow bar out of the tow bar coupler plate and re-insert the quick-release pin into the holes at the

end of the tow bar.

The coupler plate may remain attached to the bike.

7. Set the front end of the trailer on the ground.


1. Remove the flag and pole and separate the pole sections.

2. Remove the rear wheels and set them to the side.

The release levers are located between the wheel bracket plates below the frame near the rear of the trailer. There is

one lever on each bracket. They can be accessed from the rear.

Release the axle by pulling the release lever straight out and holding it in place.

Slide the wheel out of the bracket, then let go of the lever. Repeat for the other wheel.

3. Remove the quick-release pin from the tow bar bracket at the front corner of the trailer.

4. Fold the tow bar back underneath the trailer, and replace the quick-release pin through the tow bar and


5. Place all loose items inside the passenger compartment, and close the rain cover.

6. Release the quick release safety pins on the canopy sides and top and carefully fold the trailer

compartment flat.

Use caution to avoid getting pinched!

7. Store the trailer in a dry place. If the storage area will get hot, release some of the air from the tyre inner

tubes to prevent excessive expansion or popping.

WARNING Do not use cleaning solvents! Clean only with mild soap and water!

Prior to each use

WARNING Ensure you bicycle is in good working order before use and certainly before attaching this trailer.

Pay particular attention to the brakes, wheels and steering.

Make sure that all parts are in good working order, and that no parts are missing.

Do not use this product if

any parts are broken or missing!

Check all components and aspects of this trailer before each use. Pay particular attention to the connecting

devices; frame; safety harness; tyres and wheels for safe condition.

Check that all fasteners and bolts are securely tightened.

If you have any questions concerning the proper use of this product after it has been stored, please contact a

qualified technician.

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