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Dolphin® 7600 User’s Guide

Rev D


3 - 17

Battery Power

The Dolphin 7600 features intelligent battery technology with two types of battery power:

The main battery pack on the back panel (see

Main Battery Pack

on page


The backup battery located inside the terminal (see

Internal Backup Battery

on page


Both batteries work together to prevent data loss when the terminal is used over long periods of time.

Both batteries must be charged to full capacity before using the Dolphin 7600 for the first time!

Main Battery Pack

Use only the Li-ion battery packs provided by Hand Held Products. The use of any battery pack not sold/manufactured by Hand
Held Products in a Dolphin terminal will void your warranty and may result in damage to the Dolphin terminal or bat

There are two Li-ion battery packs available for the Dolphin 7600:


Li-ion 3.7V/2200mAh/8.1Wh


Li-ion 3.7V/3240mAh/12.0Wh

The Li-ion battery packs are the primary power source for the Dolphin terminal as well as the internal backup battery.

Changing the Main Battery Pack

Before installing a battery pack, press the Blue + Backlight keys to put the terminal in

Suspend Mode

(see page 3-20) so that

operations are suspended before removing the main power source. Always put the terminal in suspend mode prior to changing
the battery.

Charging Options

When the battery is installed in the terminal, you can insert the terminal into any one of the following peripherals:

Dolphin HomeBase

(see page 8-1)

Dolphin Charge/Comm Cable;

Connecting the USB Cable

(see page 6-2)

Dolphin Power Cable

(see page 2-1)

To fully charge the Li-ion battery before installing in the terminal, use the

Dolphin QuadCharger

(see page 9-1)

Charging Time

Both Li-ion battery packs require four hours to charge to full capacity.