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Dolphin® 7600 User’s Guide

Infrared Communication

The BT Service tab beams files and data between the terminal and other devices equipped via the IrDA port. The maximum data
transfer speed is 115 Kbps.

IrDA Port Location

Transferring Files and Information

Note: We recommend disabling the Bluetooth radio before transferring data via infrared. If the Bluetooth radio remains enabled,

the Beam File function will pick up MAC addresses as well as IrDA ports.

1. Arrange the hardware so that the infrared port of the Dolphin terminal is aligned with and in range of the infrared port of the

other device.

2. Tap the Bluetooth icon

to open the Bluetooth Manager and tap on the

BT Service Tab

(see page 7-2).

3. Tap Beam File.

Tap Start > Programs > Beam File.

4. The device begins scanning for IrDA enabled devices and displays them on the screen with the device ID and “[IrDA].”

5. Tap

to browse for a file to transfer. Navigate to the file location, select it, and tap OK. The name of the file path appears

in the File field.

IrDA Port