Setting up to spray – I.C.T.C. Holdings Corporation 300S Legend User Manual

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300S / 300SL LEGEND Owner’s Manual




Remove unit from shipping carton. Inspect exterior of unit for any signs of
freight damage. If any parts are found to be broken or damaged, immediately
contact the carrier and arrange for an inspection of the concealed damage.
Claims for freight damage must be made by the CONSIGNEE and not by the
shipper. The carrier accepts full responsibility for the safe delivery of
merchandise upon pick- up from the shipper.


Attach intake hose assembly (ref# 1) onto hose barb (ref# 7). Tighten clamp (ref#
6 ) securely.


Attach prime hose (ref# 48) to prime valve (ref# 44). Secure with clamp (ref# 49).


Attach paint hose to outgo tee (ref# 33).


Attach gun to paint hose. NOTE; Spray tip and tip guard should be attached to
gun prior to attaching to hose


Place intake siphon assembly into a clean 5 gallon pail.


Install strainer bag (accessory item 5GAL SB) in pail and secure with large rubber
band ( accessory item 106). NOTE; Strainer bag must remain 4 inches from the
bottom of pail


Trigger gun to release any pressure in the unit. Use extreme caution to ensure that
the gun is not directed towards anyone or any object which may be damaged.
NOTE; Unit may contain storage solution.


To remove storage solution, add one gallon of thinner, compatible with the type of
paint to be used, to the siphon pail.

10 Turn pressure control handle (ref# 43) counter clockwise to lowest pressure setting.
11 Be sure motor switch is in "OFF" position. Plug unit into 115V, 15 amp., grounded

circuit. NOTE; If using an extension cord, you MUST use a #12/3 wire
grounded cord, up to 50 feet or #10/3 wire grounded cord, up to 100 feet.
NOT EXCEED 100 FEET OF EXTENSION CORD. If distance is greater,
purchase and install additional lengths of airless spray hose

12 Turn motor switch "on".
13 Turn prime valve handle (ref# 43) counter clockwise until fully open. Allow

thinner to circulate back into the siphon pail for a few minutes. Then turn the prime
valve knob clockwise to close the valve ( close tightly ), and direct the flow to the
paint hose and gun. Leave the pressure setting low.

14 Trigger gun into waste container.
15 Pour paint through strainer bag into siphon pail.
16 Repeat steps 13 and 14, until paint flows freely. NOTE; Never turn prime

valve back to "prime" position when the unit is under pressure.

17 Spray a test pattern. Begin by spraying a test pattern onto old newspaper or

other scrap material.

18 Increase the pressure, slowly at first, by turning the pressure control knob

clockwise. Continue increasing the pressure until the spray pattern is uniformed
from top to bottom, with no heavy areas. Secure pressure control setting, by
turning the silver lock ring (ref# 76) counter clockwise until snugly against the
face of the pressure control knob. If heavy areas are still visible at maximum
pressure setting, thin the paint with the correct thinner, according to the paint
manufacturer's recommendations.