Flushing the unit at shutdown or color change – I.C.T.C. Holdings Corporation 300S Legend User Manual

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300S / 300SL LEGEND Owner’s Manual


If shutting down for a short period of time, it is sufficient to trigger the gun
to relieve pressure. Then set the safety lock on gun to "locked" position with
the gun locked closed and immerse the gun in a container of the correct
thinner for the paint you are spraying.

1. Remove spray tip from gun.
2. Turn pressure control knob counter clockwise to low pressure setting.

Only use sufficient pressure to allow material to move through the
sprayer. DO NOT operate at or near full pressure.

3. Remove siphon assembly from paint container.
4. Trigger gun, back into paint container, until unit runs dry.

NOTE: Pump and spray hose will continue to contain paint. This paint
may be recovered by placing prime hose into paint container and draining
the remainder while re-priming with cleaning fluid. See step 5* and 6*.

5. Place siphon assembly in container of correct thinner, for the spray

product being used,, and prime the pump as shown in step 13, of
"Spraying". *See special notes from step 4. Allow thinner to circulate
back into the container for a few minutes to flush the prime valve.

6. Close prime valve.
7. Trigger gun into paint container until thinner comes through. *See special

notes from step 4. Re-direct flow into waste container and continue
spraying until thinner runs clear. Heavily soiled thinners may have to be
changed to complete cleaning job.

8. Lift siphon assembly and allow pump to run dry.
9. Repeat procedure using a gallon of H.E.R.O. Equipment Wonder Wash

solution. If not using Wonder Wash, unit must not be stored with water.
Only store with a non corrosive material ( Paint thinner, solvent ).

10. Switch unit "off" and trigger gun to relieve remaining pressure.
11. Remove and rinse gun handle filter in correct thinner.


In areas where the sprayer is NOT used 12 months of the year, special
preparations must be used for winter or off season storage. Because solvents
evaporate quickly, they should not be used for long term storage. A petroleum
based solution ( solvent and oil ) should be used as an extended storage
material. DO NOT allow storage solution to freeze in the sprayer.

H.E.R.O. Equipment Wonder Wash, available from your H.E.R.O.
distributor, will provide the added cleaning benefits of solvent at a much
lower cost. Suitable as a short term ( 1-2 days ) storage solution only