Using the alto-g12, To hook up the real-time differential receiver – HP ALTO-G12 User Manual

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To hook up the real-time differential receiver

There are 4 cables you need to hook up. (Please try not to let the cables touch the ground as
you are hooking them up.)

COM port cable (beige),

attaches to COM2 on
top of the Alto-G12.

Antenna cable (brown),

attaches at the top of
the Alto-G12.

Power cable (black),

must be plugged into a
battery. Unzip the

backpack to access this

Antenna cable (black),

must be attached to
white antenna.

Raise the antenna pole

so that it is above the
level of your head.

Three cables emerge

from the top of the
backpack, two of which

come over your left

For real-time, sub-meter

locations, attach the COM port
cable to COM2, and the antenna
cable to the connector as shown.

To use the Alto-G12 without the

real-time differential, use the
built-in antenna as shown.